How long have you been taking photos?

You could say that I’ve been taking photos as long as I’ve had access to a camera. In that sense, technically since I was a kid. However, I have been a more serious and dedicated photographer since 2012.

What is your photographic style?

I consider my style to be classic and creative. I don’t want to airbrush someone to the point where they are unrecognizable, or no longer look like their true self. Most of all, I want to help someone’s personality shine through in their images.

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon T6i (Mother’s Day gift from my husband) with a Canon T3 Rebel (first DSLR) as my secondary body.

What lens do you use?

My trusty 50mm f1.8. It is such a beautiful lens, and my other ones just sit and collect dust!

What do you use to edit photos?

I use Adobe Lightroom for editing and Photoshop for touch-up editing and graphic design.

Do you offer portrait photography?

My main love is landscape and nature photography. I have done portraits in the past, and would be more than happy to consider any requests.

Can I use Instagram filters on your photos?

Absolutely not. What I post and offer is my work. When someone slaps a filter on it, it reflects on me, especially if the filter makes it look bad. Downloading and using my photos without my permission is a big no-no as well.

Why are photo sessions so expensive?

Check out this detailed blog post for the answer. 🙂

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

My children and Mount Rainier.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Practice, practice, practice! Carry your camera around, take photos of everything, and practice your editing!