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Apologies for the silence on the blog as of late. I’ll explain that below. However, this week’s prompt from The Daily Post is satisfaction, and I have such an easy answer for that. Productivity.

I used to be one hot mess when it came to productivity. I had no real goals. I was horrible with time management. I didn’t feel like I had a purpose, and I didn’t feel fulfilled. Enter the thing that gives me satisfaction. My planners.


Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner (budget) and Erin Condren vertical planner (fitness).

I’m a pen and paper type of girl. I like writing things down. I’ve tried keeping a schedule via my phone, and it just doesn’t do it for me. I have three planners at the moment. Yes. Three. I have my own personal planner which I use to outline my daily routines, track appointments, and jot down memories that occurred. I have a fitness planner, which has honestly collected dust. I keep a log of food consumed, how much water I intake, how much sleep I get, and of course, noting exercises. Then, I have my financial planner. In it, I keep our budget, track our bills, what is auto-deducted, what needs to be paid manually, and basically, just watch what comes in and what goes out to make sure we don’t step outside of the budget.


I love these pens. Seriously. They are from Pen Gems!

Since I’ve started planning, my productivity and time management has improved. I no longer feel that I don’t have a purpose, and I feel a hell of a lot more fulfilled now that I have made goals and am actively taking steps to achieve them. Whether it’s done on paper, or whether it’s a smartphone app, productivity is just one step towards fulfillment. I talk about this more in-depth on my personal blog, Football and Fairy Tales. That is part of the reason for the sudden quietness on this blog, as well as other factors such as our house almost closing, the children being nuts, and me being exhausted and stretching myself thin. I will also be changing up the layout on this site sometime this week, so be prepared for a little bit of a visual difference.

I have already planned out my next adventure. Each month I will go to a new place with the camera and capture its beauty. I will be heading to Frederick this weekend and will have a post detailing the adventure next week! I am looking forward to it!



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