Collage | Imagination

My son is three years old. He loves cars and trains, pancakes and tater tots, going for walks and sliding down slides at the playground. He also loves to color. When he’s coloring, his focus is completely on it. It’s difficult to pull his attention away from the crayons and paper as he scribbles and scrawls, enthusiastically naming the color he’s currently using in his masterpiece.


My husband is currently away, so I’m at home with the children, and it’s been mercilessly hot outside, so activities are indoors until this heatwave passes. And I decided to showcase my son’s imagination for this challenge from the Daily Post. Sometimes, he scribbles only a little then starts on a new page. But sometimes, he goes all out, filling the entire piece of paper with a variety of colors, shapes, and squiggles. They aren’t brilliant and deep paintings by Van Gogh or Monet, but they are his own little masterpieces, and I do tell him how pretty or awesome they look. My side of the family has always had a creative streak. My aunt paints, my mom paints and crafts, I’ve always loved drawing as well as photography, my brother is a tattoo artist. I will always encourage creativity from my children, as I think it is as important as knowledge, as being logical.

Which one do you think I should display on the fridge? I’m leaning towards the top left one!




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