Get in the Picture, Mom!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Get in the picture, ladies! “Whoa, what are you talking about?” I’m talking about all of the times you take photos of your kids, whether with your phone or DSLR. Are you one of those moms who are often behind the lens and not in front of it? Yep. Me too.

There are things I don’t necessarily like about my face. I have very red cheeks, I have a huge nose, and I am not a fan of my weight. However, that being said, your children do not and will not care 20 or 30 years down the road. When your children leave home and start their own families, when you pass on, all that will be left are memories, and photos. What happens if you’re never in a photo with them? Memories can be lost over time, but photos can always be handed down, kept safe, and cherished. Get in the photo with them!

I actually need to do some photos with my son. As you can see, my daughter and I aren’t all that similar. She looks so much more like her daddy, while my son looks identical to me when I was his age. However, he’s three, he’s in the midst of being a little demonspawn, always on the move, so when doing pictures a couple days ago, I had to choose my battles. My one year old daughter is easier to hold still for a moment, so I chose to do some one-on-one photos with her. I’ll get in some photos with him in a couple days. πŸ™‚

So you’re probably wondering, how do I get in the photos for anything other than a selfie? Grab a friend, grab your partner, grab a family member, and just be upfront. “Hey, I want some pictures with me and the kids that aren’t selfies. Could you take a few?” They can use your phone or camera. And, if you have a DSLR, it likely comes with a 2 or 10 second timer, or even the option to use a shutter release remote. You don’t necessarily have to have a tripod, if you can set the camera on something sturdy and get it focused. Now, that’s a trial in itself. These pictures are not all perfectly focused. I use a tripod and a shutter remote, but I still struggle getting it focused sometimes. But that’s okay, because I truly think my daughter won’t care 20 years from now. But in the end, if all you have is your child and a cell phone, go for the selfie. The point is to get in the photo with your children!

I had my mother in the room to kind of keep her looking around and get her attention. If you can, get someone else involved who can sing songs, make noises to get their attention, etc. If you don’t have anyone, don’t be afraid to sing to them, make funny noises, and get them laughing for a beautifully candid photo! But do make sure that you get in the photo!

Note: Part of being a mom is having chipped fingernail polish sometimes. I make no apologies! πŸ˜‰

Β©Molly Eire Photography



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