©Molly Eire Photography

Local Beauty | Chase Garden

Now that we are well on our way to summer, the trees have leaves again, the sun makes more regular appearances, and many beautiful flowers are in bloom. One of my favorite activities during this time of the year is to visit local gardens and see all the various plants and colorful flowers. I have never been to Chase Garden in Orting, WA, but I highly recommend stopping by if you have the chance.

They offer plenty of plants that are native of the area as well as Japanese-inspired ponds and the over four-acre garden sports a breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. They will be open through June 30th, so be sure to stop by, take a walk through the woodlands, and enjoy the lovely surroundings this garden has to offer!

Note: I am not good with naming plants, and missed the markers on a couple. If you happen to know their names, feel free to let me know. I am wanting to head back to Chase Garden when the summer flowers have bloomed, so I am hoping to double-check.

©Molly Eire Photography



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