Lahar warning sign in Orting, WA ©Molly Eire Photography

Danger! | Lahars

No matter where you live, there are dangers lurking. The east coast and gulf of Mexico can see hurricanes. The northern states can see blizzards, the Midwest can see tornadoes and flooding, the Southwest can see wildfires, and here in the Pacific Northwest, we run the risk of a volcanic eruption. When you think of volcanoes, your immediate thought is lava and ash. The last volcanic eruption in these parts was of Mount St. Helens in 1980, which spread ash for hundreds of miles and caused massive destruction.

But another risk with an eruption is a lahar, or a mudflow. In fact, the location of the photo is near Orting, Washington, which sits in a valley created by several layers of lahar deposits, created during the last big eruption of Mount Rainier. Orting, WA is the most at-risk city if an eruption occurs, with a lahar arriving in a fast time of thirty minutes. Because of this, you’ll typically find signs like this in the area, as well as lahar sirens that will be activated by activity on Mount Rainier, giving the citizens time to get to higher ground.


Just another reminder of the beauty and danger of Mount Rainier. Thanks to The Daily Post for this week’s prompt!

©Molly Eire Photography


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