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Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Pacific Northwest is known for a lot of things. It’s known for the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. It’s known for volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. But it’s also known for the abysmal amount of rain that falls each year.

When you visit here, you may hear someone say “the mountain is out” which is a pretty big event in these parts. Mount Rainier is “out” (or visible) on average of about 80 days per year. The rest of those days are typically overcast or rainy. From around October until April, that’s all you’ll see, and with maybe a stroke of luck, you’ll have a sunny day or two during that time. But as you go from April into May, the sun starts to emerge. Each day that happens is a treat! So, now that the Pacific Northwest is enjoying spring and more sunny days, we headed to our local park so our son could partake in some playtime around children his own age.

Thanks to The Daily Post for the Wanderlust prompt!

©Molly Eire Photography


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