Super Blood Moon Eclipse rises from behind Mount Rainier in Eatonville, WA - September 27th, 2015 ©Molly Eire Photography

Celebrating Earth

Earth Day is a holiday that celebrates and advocates for learning more about our wonderful planet each year on April 22nd. After a massive oil spill in California in 1969, a Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson suggested having an environmental “national teach-in” to spread awareness and bring forth education on the subject of taking better care of our planet. Over the years many rallies, demonstrations and protests have taken place to bring awareness to issues that affect our environment.

I personally believe that we should celebrate and learn everyday when it comes to Earth. We can each make small changes or take actions that can help it become a better place, from recycling our plastics or cans, to picking up litter along our local roads. You can read more about Earth Day here.

This photo, to me, signifies a couple of the best things about our planet. A stunning landscape as the backdrop for a natural event, the super blood moon eclipse of 2015. The moon rose out from behind Mount Rainier that evening, and it was at this time, when I was among almost a hundred other photographers, that I realized what a passion and love I have for photography. Thanks so much to The Daily Post for their weekly photography challenges, which prompted this post!



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