Close up of a flower at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, Washington ©Molly Eire Photography

Spring Green

Spring has officially arrived! If you haven’t taken the time to step outside and examine your yard or your local part, you should! You may notice the emergence of plants pushing through the soil, buds forming, and green returning to the trees. Unless, of course, you are still suffering from some winter symptoms (the east coast of the U.S. got snow very recently), then you’ll notice a wonderful change happening outside. So to celebrate the return of beauty and warmth, here are some of my favorite green photos. Thanks to the Daily Post for the prompt: It IS Easy Being Green

My favorite flower is the tulip, but my second favorite is the daffodil. Ever since I was a kid, I would always pick a few daffodils from a local church’s property (yeah, I know, I was a heathen!) and give them to my mother. I think this started around the age of 11 or 12 years old. Every year since, I have always given my mother daffodils, although now that I’m older, I actually buy them. 😉 What is your favorite flower and why?


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