©Molly Eire Photography

Toddlers and Haircuts.

What a nightmare, for us at least. Our little boy has had two haircuts in his lifetime so far. I wasn’t present for the first, but I was for the second, and man he was just not into it. I’m understating that. He was very upset. I know he likely won’t remember it, but geez! My husband likes it when his hair is long, but it was so long it was in his eyes, he was constantly shaking his head to get it out of his face, and enough was enough for me. So we took him to a kids’ haircut place, and I made sure to tip the woman $10 for everything she had to deal with. He screamed, cried, sobbingly said “okay” and “all done”. I felt sorry for everyone in the room, including my kiddo. I imagine as time goes on and he gets more, he’ll be less upset about it. I hope. There was no way I was going to document his haircut, poor kid, so I’ll just post before and after photos. 🙂

untitled shoot-3-Edit_website




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