Celebrating Change

I had put this website on hidden for awhile, as I wasn’t sure what to do with it. For those who didn’t know, we have been struggling financially for over a year now. My husband transitioned out of active duty Army and remaining in the Reserves, went to work in the civilian world. He also went back to school. Almost two years ago, he lost his job, but continued with his education, graduating this past summer with his MBA.

*featured image from Hyatt website.

We struggled throughout this time, relying on savings, student loans, and credit cards to pay the bills. I also drifted away from my dream for photography and got a job at a retail store to help out. Things continued to go downhill, every interview and phone call he had ending with nothing. He was continually told that he had no experience, or not enough experience, despite his MBA and ten years of related experience in the military. We were worried to say the least. Two kids to care for, a mortgage payment to make. We maxed our cards, our savings emptied, and when we filed our taxes, we were thrilled to learn we would get a decent refund to be able to catch up on our bills.

Right now, our bank account is in the negative, our mortgage payment is five days late, utilities are coming due because we haven’t gotten our refund yet (due to major amounts of fraud when it comes to the earned income tax credit, anyone who received it this year was subject to having their refunds held until at least February 15th). By all accounts, I should be upset, right? I’m not.

The past couple of months, my husband has been in talks with a company on the east coast and last week, flew out for the big final interview. Yesterday, he got a phone call (they were supposed to call this Friday actually, so an early phone call is always great) informing him that he got the job, and if he wants, can start March 21st. Naturally, he excitedly said yes and promptly informed me. We are beyond excited, not to mention relieved at the change that is going to be happening. Yep, our bank account is in the negative. Yep, we are waiting on our tax refund to pay bills (should be arriving tomorrow – we’ll see), and yeah, being late on a mortgage payment is not going to be the greatest thing ever for credit reasons, but you know what? The nightmare we have been living for the past couple years is finally coming to an end. It feels like a huge weight of concern and worry has been lifted.

Naturally, this means we have a pretty quick moving process ahead of us. We have to sell the house, deal with a moving company, and of course, transport ourselves, two dogs, and two children across the country in the span of about three weeks. Sure, the house probably won’t sell that quick, but we will get in touch with the realtor who sold us the house so we can get things taken care of a little bit easier. The worry about bills that will get paid here soon as been replaced with a sense of urgency. So much to do!

So what does that mean for my photography? Well, it means closing down the business. However, it also means new photography opportunities for me. We will be in the Washington D.C. area, and obviously there are a lot of beautiful subjects not only there, but in areas like New York City which is just a train ride away. I see an opportunity to take photos as we drive across the country. I will be stopping in my hometown so my best friend can finally meet my kids, and so my kids can meet her’s. I’ll be snapping some photos of spots in my hometown. I will be documenting our trip where I can and will share it here. So while the business of my photography will close, the passion I have for it has been reignited with this change. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll reopen in Virginia or Maryland. So, in the meantime, since a lot of my time will be devoted to moving, and I’m still working, my Etsy shop will go on vacation mode. I may try to take some photos of the area before we leave as well. This site will turn from a business model to more of a hobby site for the time being, but I do invite you to join us on our journey, which I look forward to documenting here!



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