Landscape Photography by Molly Eire Photography | Puyallup, WA

Ambience – A Summer Sunrise

I love the holidays….until they are over. January is a yucky month to me. The festive season is gone, the color has disappeared, and here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s just gray, cold, and typically rainy (although this year we got some snow and ice…..that’s a little different than what I’m normally used to). But in the grand scheme of things, when I’m asked what my favorite time of year is…..I will answer that nothing beats a summer sunrise.

As a kid, I would stay up all night during the summers and get to watch the sunrise. Keep in mind that I grew up in Missouri, where summers can get a heat index up to 110 degrees and sometimes higher, so a sunrise is not only a beautiful time of day, but a wee bit cooler, even if not by much. I am so jealous of the amount of energy my younger self possessed. I can’t even manage 3am anymore, let alone staying up all night and watching the sun come up. So, what was a little special to me was this past summer, on the last day of the season to be exact, I had been woken up by my daughter needing a feeding, and after taking care of her, noticed that the sun would be up soon. Why not take out the camera and get some photos? I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen a sunrise. I’m a parent. I’m a working parent. Even if I wasn’t a parent or wasn’t working, I’m still an exhausted person. I have almost always been up after the sun, and the only reason I’m up before it, was because I was never down to begin with. Night owl. No early bird. No worm.

I take advantage of the view Mount Rainier gives me every time I want to take pictures, especially during the summer, and it was no different on that day. I didn’t just want a picture of the sunrise, I wanted a picture of Mount Rainier as the sun rose. Why not? It’s the summer, and that’s the best part of the year that the mountain is “out” and not obscured by clouds, although on this day, the clouds were making threats to get in the way.

Landscape Photography by Molly Eire Photography | Puyallup, WA

So I ended up with this photo. The clouds were hovering in, threatening to block the view right as the sun was about to pop out, but I love the contrast. The dark trees, the warm light, the cool clouds, and a gorgeous volcano. It sums up everything I love about a summer sunrise. The beginning of a new, beautiful day, full of possibilities.


P.S. Thanks to The Daily Post for this week’s photo challenge prompt!



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