Documentary photography on Christmas day ©Molly Eire Photography


A goal I have set for this blog as we move into the new year is to participate in weekly photo challenges as often as I can to keep the dust from forming on my camera. This week on the Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is Resilient, something I know all too well when it comes to the man I’m about to speak about.

I’ve known him for over a decade, and I’ve been married to him for almost one as well. He has never not bounced back from anything. Intelligent, stubborn, driven, fierce, and absolutely resilient. 2016 has been an awful year for us personally, mostly due to finances. After being active duty for years, he got out and jumped into the civilian world head on. He dealt with the stressful transition from military life to civilian (still in the Reserves so not 100%) life after two wars. He went back to school, earned his MBA, and then came face to face with rejection at every turn. Not enough experience was always the reason. It’s been going on for over six months now. He has been upset, he has been angry, and he has been stressed. He doesn’t waver. He still fights. He’s still determined. He’s still stubborn, and refuses to give up. He pushes through the way he has always pushed through.

So, on this, the first day of a new year, hopefully a better one, I say I am so PROUD of this man. You, my sweet husband, are resilient, and are appreciated more than you know. You will get there, and I and our children, are always behind you, one hundred percent. Always.

PS. This photo is not brand new, but only a few days old. My work schedule is a little hectic, so please forgive me bending the rule a little bit this week. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Resilient

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to allow the rest of us to live safely. Thanks to your husband for his service. May you have better results this new year from his amazing commitment to return to school and improve his chances to provide well for his family. Best of everything in 2017 to you all.

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