Family Photography by Molly Eire Photography | Puyallup, WA

Photos At the Park

Not too long ago, we visited the park with our son. It’s astonishing how quickly time flies by when you have kids. It never seems to slow. They continue to grow up as you attempt to guide them into the people you hope for them to be. Our son isn’t much of a talker at two and a half years old. He’s steadily improving, and vocalizing more than he was six months ago, so from time to time, it can be frustrating for all of us when he needs or wants something, but doesn’t verbally announce what it is. When we do take him to the park, he often chooses to play on his own (this was something I did as a kid – so I’m not necessarily surprised) and simply watches the other kids. Not only is he like me in physical appearance, he’s like me in personality. He’s quiet, he observes, and when he does want something, he goes for it, even if it’s continuing to do something after we have told him for the twentieth time not to. He’s stubborn, but sweet. And when he does finally start giving us words and sentences, I will welcome the arrival of my talkative boy, who may seem unsure of himself, but does show that he knows who he is and what he wants.



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