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Hi and welcome! I’m Molly, a tired mother and photographer, and this is my little home on the web! Feel free to check out my work, my shop, my blog, and the various interests I chat about from time to time! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you return soon!

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Unless noted otherwise, all images found on this website are my own. You are more than welcome to pin them or share them, but I do ask that you give credit when doing so, and to also link to the page you found it. If you would like to republish any of my images or content to your own blog, please credit Molly Stark with a link back to this specific website or the page/post where you found it. You may also contact me for permission. You may not alter my work in any way, shape, or form without explicit, written permission.

Landscape Photography by Molly Eire Photography | Puyallup, WA